Because we love them! 


Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids combined with the correct levels of skin supportive vitamins will see that your dog’s skin is sleek and healthy, and it’s coat shiny and alive.


The addition of enhanced natural antioxidants is beneficial to the immune system. No additions are needed.


While the minerals maintain the integrity of the tooth, the kibble size and texture helps massage and clean the gums while your dog is eating.


Top notch quality animal proteins are the main protein source. Amino acid enrichments complement the profile and ensure that your dog receives the correct proportions of nutrients.


The supplemented levels of vitamins and minerals complement the integrity of the bones and joints. The fatty acids also help support cartilage together with other important added nutrients.


All ingredients are certified on delivery and are routinely tested for any possible health threats. We choose ingredients only from the most reputable suppliers.

Ideal is scientifically formulated to supply your dog with all the nutrients that it requires to promote bone strength, muscle tone, coat condition and general vitality and quality of life.

Ideal contains carefully selected, cooked ingredients that result in high digestibility and palpability.

Ideal is free of artificial colourant and flavouring.


" AMAZING!! I will never give my dogs anything else to eat again. My dogs have shiny coats, healthy teeth and they absolutely love Ideal. I would definitely recommend this product... (I have a Pitbull and a Great Dane - the Great Dane would always look like he's starved with other brands and my pitbull would refuse to eat other products also causing him to look starved... They both love this product and they always look well fed) No.1 Product for me."

Trish (Takealot)

"My dogs told me they are very happy with this product and I should not buy any other brands. They actually got angry at me when I tried to sample it, so i could give a review….So I will take their word on this 😀 "

- Marco(Takealot)


"Great food for the dogs keeps them full they don't eat a lot because the nutrition in the food makes them full. Will recommend it to anybody"

- Stephen Venter

" I really just want to say thank you for such an amazing cat food, we buy 100kg a month and can honestly say that if not was for your brand and how cost effective it is, I would not be able to support my +/- 30 ferals. All the cats in my care at the house and the wild kits, are healthy, their coats look amazing and vet visits is almost non existent, except for dental, spays and vaccines. So thank you from myself and my furry ferals."

- Hayley Dreyer

"I recently got a Great Dane puppy and he was not happy with the food that I initially fed him. A friend of mine told me to buy Ideal. Very glad that I did, Brutus is crazy about it! His "leavings" are also much easier to clean."

 - Eugene Viljoen

"We recently changed to Ideal cat food and our cats love it. Keeps them full until their next meal. Highly recommend this product."

- Elke Herbst

" My kitties love Ideal cat food. They're healthy and their coats look gorgeous."

Chantel (Takealot)

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